Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well, let's start tomorrow for reals

To try to hit the productivity early in the new year, I tried tackling technology and finally figure out how to sync my iPhone (and now iPad--heeeee!) to my iTunes library and backing up stuff to it. I spent hours paring down the music I had loaded to iTunes from last year to less than 10GB. Argh, that took forever. Like my football picks, I overanalyzed. Like, it seemed wrong to not keep the entire album of say, a David Bowie retrospective. Or some U2 or Madonna albums. And was I really listening to all these Stevie Wonder and Cheap Trick songs?

Well, apparently the longest leg would be the actual syncing. I'm nearing the end of the official day and my iPhone has said "Sync in Progress" for hours. And it's giving me messages that it couldn't install some of my apps again because of my operating system? Ugh. Something else to download and sync. And then on to sync the iPad. Though I'm not completely Apple, with these two Apple products I do have, I feel like I can totally relate to Peter Serafinowicz's Five Reasons I Love Apple and Five Reasons I Hate Apple. I'm there, Mr. Serafinowicz.

For better or worse, we had the Stephen King marathon playing all day on the SyFy channel. Not sure if "The Langoliers" and "The Stand" were the movies I had in mind for my 2011 resolutions.

Yeesh. At least I balanced the checkbook and paid the bills during all this syncing time--that's productive, right?

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Anonymous said...

Those are the two movies from SK that I remember the most....maybe because they are epic and seriously lame. - Vero