Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FaceBook: Time Vs. The Social Network

After reading Time's Person of the Year article that was highly appreciative of Mark Zuckerberg (creator of FaceBook) and FaceBook's power of reach, connection, and sharing, it should be interesting to now watch The Social Network which, from what I've gleaned from the commercials, is a less than appreciative view of Zuckerberg. Obviously, I'm watching the SAG screener for performances, but I'm curious to see if it will sway me on the concept of FaceBook itself:

But I will confess that I'm teetering on the edge of joining FaceBook--in part, due to the Time article's point that it has become not only become a dominant medium for socializing but for commerce as well. I'm finding that some vendors skip hosting a website and just have a FaceBook page. Kind of makes sense--target market comes to you and you have a captive audience for the information you want to share with them. But I'm still hesitating--I don't need another internet commitment...any former hold-outs out there willing to e-mail me their POV?

Anyhoo I meant to watch the DVD but ended up playing Battleship with the girl instead:

Sometimes a break from the screens is a pretty good break.


Pound said...

come ON. just do it. i quit using twitter. i find fb more... interactive and easy. and can you believe it got nom'd for an oscar? a movie about fb????

Anonymous said...

Fran - I hear you sista! I don't feel like I can dive into another site that requires maintenance. I just don't have the time. I rather spend the time crafting. Maybe I am falling behind the times??? Gosh, I still have to see that movie too! - Veronica

Anonymous said...

Velina is already on fb so it's time to take her lead. Mo

Tomb said...
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Tom said...
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