Friday, January 7, 2011

"Your body has a natural air conditioner.

It's sweating.

And your body has a natural heater.

It's shivering."

I really have to credit the comedienne who was quoting her frugal father but unfortunately I can't remember her name.

Because obviously, I'm becoming him. Moving here from Southern California where I hardly used the A/C or the heater has proven to be a huge economic awakening. Because we don't have access to natural gas lines, our power source is electricity for everything, including heat. Which is pretty darn expensive. And I guess what's surprised me the most is that so far, even in my attempted frugal use, our winter bill has surpassed the bill for keeping our house cool in the crazy, humid SoCar summer.

When we have guests (mostly the girl's friends) or if Paul is home, the thermostat goes up to a toasty 68 (sometimes 70! yeesh-I sweat at the thought of our electricity bill), but when it's just me in the house during the day, I just try to sweat, or in this case, shiver it out.

Again I ask, I thought I moved to the South?

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