Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday: El Cobre

We had a lazy and relaxing Saturday. We went out for an Indian lunch. This time I tried the okra masala:

I kind of realized that I reach my saturation limit of okra sooner than a full entree allows, but still, I cleaned my plate.

And in the evening we tried this excellent tapas bar, El Cobre:

I thoroughly enjoyed their Nochebuena, which featured Scarlet Ibis rum, Zirbenz pine liqueur, and grapefruit bitters. It came with a fascinating giant cube of ice and was quite potent and delicious. I know I'll really enjoy it in warmer weather. My BIL recommended a Portland (where he had lived) black lager called Session, which I kind of enjoyed more in the cooler weather. I don't usually care for lagers, preferring wheat beers, but I enjoyed two bottles of these:

Though the drinks are quite pricey here, a big thumbs up for the mixologists here at El Cobre. I greatly appreciated how crisp cold they kept their beer and excellent balance of my cocktail. The tapas were also delicious. I highly recommend their yucca fries with curry dipping sauce:

And don't worry, Augie joined us for all our food adventures. In fact, the only thing that topped stuffing my cheeks was kissing his:

What a yummy baby.

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