Monday, January 24, 2011

More unpacking

Finally unpacked all the pictures that used to be on the fireplace mantle:

Hmm, I might have to get a bigger space for these.

I also hung up some paper lanterns, one of which is also a lamp.

Though I have got to do something about that hanging cord. I think there is some kind of clip that I can get to have the lamp cord lie flat against the wall. The shadow of the cord is driving me crazy.

I also unpacked more boxes. Since we had lost a bookcase to the move, I was hoping that we could donate enough to not warrant a replacement. Unfortunately, I think I lost that battle, though I did manage to fill another box for donation.

Anyhoo, it wasn't all work. The girl had some friends over and they made these pretty chocolates:

Sweet way to end the weekend.

1 comment:

Pound said...

well you know all my hanging lights and chandeliers, i have those things to keep the cord stuck to the wall. if you can wait til march i can find some. uh, i'm pretty sure i just saw them. or just go to home depot.