Friday, January 28, 2011

Change of plans

This guy is ready for anything. Don't you love his go face?

We were going to visit our mom/his grandmother but unfortunately, the car was a bit buried/unavailable.

The big plus was that alternate side street parking rules have been suspended during the crazy snowstorms. Hooray!

So we went to Momofuku. This time we tried their steamed bun sandwiches. So good:

For dinner, we tried Dumpling Man:

Where they make dumplings "right in front of you"!

A delicious way to end a Friday:

We loved the "Surprise" veggie dumpling of the day and the Hot Monster sauce. We thought the Cool Monster sauce was a bit overwhelming and the savory Gold Coin dumplings were all dough and fairly forgettable. The sweet banana Gold Coin dumplings and the Sweetie Pie (pumpkin pie with goji berries, honey, raisins, and sweetened condensed milk) were excellent desserts.

Though we didn't get to do what we planned, we certainly made the tasty best of it.


Pound said...

ohh i love how you basically just blogged about food during your trip. :D

Michael Kwun said...

Dumpling Man looks totally awesome.

(So does Auggie, but in a different way.)

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