Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday: The Mermaid Inn

We had a more active day today, with a morning jaunt down to the Downtown Bakery:

They kind of specialize in Mexican food, so I enjoyed a torta with black beans, jalapenos, oaxaca cheese, and, my God, incredibly delicious bread:

Then we headed towards Brooklyn to check out some places. Augie wasn't so impressed with his first subway ride:

When we came back, I covered him with more kisses and changed his diaper. His cuteness quotient doesn't go down at all when getting his diaper changed, right?

It's just tinkle yo!

We watched a bit of the Celtics-Lakers game, but had to DVR the rest because we were getting dressed and ready to go to The Mermaid Inn.

Why, hello ladies

We timed dinner perfectly to overlap Happy Hour (where there are raw oysters and clams for a dollar each):

And where the Happy Hour beer on special was Session!

And Lobsterpalooza was going on, all at the same time:

Topped with chocolate pudding and fortune telling fish:

Augie had the right idea after a such a fabulous dinner out:

Cute and smart.

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Pound said...

that food looks good! except for those raw oysters and clams.