Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day

Last night, a major snow and sleet storm was forecast for today through Tuesday. The last time is snowed, none of it really stuck to the streets. But apparently they expected this batch to cause some problems and they preemptively closed local schools, colleges, universities, offices, and even some restaurants last night. Growing up in the Northeast, I've never experienced a snow day announced the night before--it was always this huge ritual of waking up early in the morning to hear if our school district would have a snow day.

But it turns out that SoCar knows of what it speaks: closing the schools, etc. proved to be a good idea as there were a couple of hundred of car accidents throughout the state. And for a state that doesn't regularly encounter snow, they probably use what snowplows it does have for the major highways and not for local streets, like ours.

So we had pancakes as we huddled inside and kept our fingers crossed that the power wouldn't go out (because apparently that's a high possibility in this kind of weather here in SoCar):

And now it's been announced that schools, etc. are closed again tomorrow. Which I'm grateful for since I'm not interested in driving in this icy slush with everybody else. Keeping my fingers crossed it melts soon.


Tomb said...
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Pound said...

erg.. dislike snow. can you imagine me trying to even walk in that???