Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who wants a letter?

Don't you love getting fun mail? Recently I opened up an envelope and got a sweet letter and these cool handmade labels from Linda:

Needless to say, I love them. She said I could use to label stuff that's mine in a bookplate kind of way but they make me want to start writing real snail-mail letters again.

Anybody else love fun snail mail?


Anonymous said...

Oh Fran...they are lovely. LINDA YOU ARE TOO CRAFTY! I love that she MADE you something. BTW - I LOVE snail mail. Feel free to send me anything anytime. I think it is important to keep in touch other than via cyber space. Sincerely, your PEN PAL anyday, Veronica.

Heidi said...

I also love snail mail, but rarely receive it, unless you call that letter I get from Discover every month MAIL. Put me on the penpal list too!

Pound said...

i expect a letter from you now! i love how you strategically hid your address. don't you want everyone on the internet knowing your address?