Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Change of venue

"Guys, I need to eat something."

You know who I was informing of my hunger? The cats.

The day before a friend suggested getting out of the house might be in order. Talking to unsympathetic cats who won't even bother acknowledging me confirmed it. Thanks to a generous Starbucks gift, I headed there and treated myself to a Vivanno smoothie (instead of coffee because I'm pretty darn good at making iced lattes at home now)--chock full of protein and fruit.

A good day topped with the season premiere of "Glee". I am loving the new character, Coach Beiste--credit to the writing and actress Dot Jones--so easy to have become a caricature, she was revealed as much more dimensional, poignant character. And excited to see more of Cheyenne Jackson as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline--loved him on 30 Rock. Of course as always, loved Sue Sylvester and the music--Empire State of Mind, Telephone, What I Did for Love--can't wait till next week.

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