Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to my girl

The girl turned 11 today! Dear Santa, when did that happen? She wanted to have donuts for breakfast. Twist my arm.

Nothing beats getting them hot out of the fryer:

Afterwards we decided to explore a mall and I made an amazing discovery:

A place that threads eyebrows! I had googled threading in Columbia earlier and nothing came up. The owner said they just moved there and it was new. I totally went in right then and there and got my brows done. Felt so right. Man I hope they stay open. If I knew how to Yelp or BookFace to help them out, I would.

Paul was almost as thrilled as I was with Eyebrow Centre with the store next door:

We have an astounding (or embarrassing?) amount of stuff from As Seen on TV (some honestly ordered from TV). Some turned out to be stuff we do use (i.e., Save-a-Blade, TableMate), some stuff is overrated (Snuggie--we didn't actually buy this--the girl won it at a raffle but she was way excited), some stuff complete crap (ink refills for inkjet printers) and a lot of stuff is in between (OneTouch can opener). Anyhoo we resisted getting this, despite the big promises (and awesome infomercial):

But we did pick up this:

I'll let you know which category it falls in.

Anyhoo, in the afternoon the girl was excited to open her presents:

Her aunt got her a case of ramen (a favorite snack/meal), as well as a DVD and beautiful bracelet:

Her Opa sent some cool books and rocks, as well as a neat "mirascope":

We got her the graphic novels for one of her favorite movies, Spirited Away:

Tonight, I finish the primer and put on a coat of color in her room too.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! You're growing up so fast!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm two days late to wish Velina a Happy Birthday, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I've been so consumed with my own girl turning 11. I agree completely (again) - where did al that time go??
Has Velina read Fashion Kitty? How about Molly Moon?
Hang in there with all the painting - and don't stab your eyes out. It sucks for sure, but when it's over it's worth it. And you can put off doing it again for many years :)

Kristen said...

Sorry I forgot to mention yesterday on the phone to wish Velina a Happy Birthday from the Farris Fam!

Pound said...

happy bday v!!!!

that movie the way home is awesomeballs. you guys will love. it even features spam.
and evan's mom has that exercise thing. we giggled when she bought it.