Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TGIHyundai Market

I was really, really dying for some homestyle Asian food. Friends back in SoCal would tell me how they went to lunch at Korea House (Sorry! they'd text. Winking emoticon! And a picture of the food! Gaaaaah!) Even seeing characters on tv eat takeout Chinese was making my mouth water. The final straw was my cousin making stuff from scratch.

So Google said there was Hyundai Market. I finally got my act together and went there after picking the girl up from school.

Entering these unassuming doors (including their request to "Please remove ski masks and hoodies"):

Led to an oasis for my sore eyes:

Besides kimchi and seaweed salad, I got a 10 pound sack of brown rice:

And loaded up on other essentials, like sesame oil, tofu, seaweed, etc. The girl went a little overboard on Asian snacks and drinks but next trip, we'll BOTH have to rein in it a bit.

Is this Korean for "Frances's Oasis"?

Next door was a Korean restaurant with a interesting (or promising?) name:

I snagged a ready-to-eat pack of kim bap:

Yes, I ate the whole thing by myself.

I wish I had bought two packs.


Pound said...

please remove ski masks and hoodies?? man that is some engrish right there.

we just went to h mart and talked about ajisen and how you said it was good.

miss you.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am glad you found some happy-heart food. There is nothing more satisfying than some tasty familiar food that makes your soul sing. Enjoy dear friend. - Veronica

Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment on the ski mask &, what kind of gangster-dealings has this store owner dealt with? Do you have to watch your back at the parking lot? I hope the food items inside are worth the risk. I'm sure its fine - just be careful.