Monday, September 20, 2010

Tom Brady said it for me

"We just sucked." I know he was talking about how the Jets kicked their Patriot rear-ends 28-14, nailing the coffin on my miserable picks for Week 2. But he could have been talking about me. Because I could not get it together to paint yesterday. In an effort to clear the dining room, I got sidelined by unpacking a few boxes, as well as come to the realization that our ladder didn't make it across the country. And that's as far as I got.

I did, however, accomplish organizing what was left in the garage, once the moving casualties were hauled out:

The best part? We're able to fit both cars in the garage too!

I know most of you are not impressed. But just to give a sense of reference and improvement--before in SoCal we had two single car garages. This was the front garage:

This was the side garage:

Step in for a closer look, if you dare:

So grateful to my kind friends who generously helped me purge and pack these garages up in Cali. I'll confess that some of the stuff is in now the spare room, some stuff went into the dumpster, and some went annoyingly AWOL during the move, like the ladder. But overall, I'm psyched that we have a (comparatively) uncluttered garage.

Like Tom Brady, I'll focus on doing better next weekend. Also like Tom Brady, I should contemplate getting a haircut.


Tomb said...
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Pound said...

now just keep it like that! and tom brady's hair is heinous.