Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally cooling down

Starting on Sunday, we had major rainstorms and the temp only reached the mid 70s. It managed, however, to still be pretty muggy that day. Yesterday was our first cool day, i.e., reasonably below the 80s, though still a little muggy with some morning rainfall. Unfortunately, I didn't feel comfortable opening the windows because for some reason, a good number of ants are finding their way into the house and I didn't want to give them another access venue. Is it the rain? Did it flood them out and they're looking for higher and dryer ground?

What makes this worse, as I painfully discovered, is not only are they regular house ants, some were fire ants. I felt a sharp sting and saw one on my foot. I pulled out the vaccuum and went over the entire area and also spritzed some Raid for good measure. Guess it's a sign to finally get that termite and pest control maintenance going.

Ants=Gross, no likey.

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Pound said...

we've had ants before and they don't cross chalk lines. for some weird reason if you draw a thick line w/ chalk they avoid it. also i've heard cinnamon repels them, although i haven't done that. i did the chalk though. also cornmeal does not work. hate ants.