Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coffee Break

With all the time and money I spent at Starbucks, I gained a taste for strong coffee. But it's not something I can spend the money on everyday and frankly, it's not the same making the journey to Starbucks without friends. So I considered buying a coffee maker but I realized I had one from my friend Linda that was still in its box. It's a French Press:
I have to put ground coffee (here I used 4 fat spoonfuls) and boiling water (here I poured 2 cups) and let it sit for about 5 minutes with the plunger up:

Then I have to push down the grounds with the plunger, which has a coffee-filtering screen:

And then pour. I used espresso coffee, which is pretty strong for me:

But I like it so I can make a latte. I nuke up some milk--like in this handy milk steamer/frother my sweet cousin had given me:

Which also comes with its own plunger with a special aerating screen attached:

After a few vigorous pumps, the milk becomes frothy:

And it makes one sweet latte:

Allow me to pour it in a glass mug so one can see the beautiful latte-ness:

But you know what else I can do with this strong coffee? I cool it in the fridge and grab a tumbler of ice:

Then add the cold espresso:

Pour some cold milk:


And enjoy an Iced latte!

At less than $6 for that brick of coffee and half gallon of milk, the cost is hard to beat and frankly, my home-barrista skills aren't too bad.

So who wants to take a coffee break with me? I'll make some delicious lattes and even some coffee cake if you'll swing by SoCar!


Rainy said...

Hi Frances, I'm new to your blog and wanted to email you with some questions about a dymo. Am I missing your email? Thanks Rainy

Erik said...

So I have to ask... do locals call it "SoCar" or is that your SoCal stylistic twist? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm there! And I;d love a big slice of coffe cake please. - Veronica

Pound said...

starbucks sucks w/o you.