Monday, September 27, 2010

Got R Done x 2

This weekend I painted a room each day. I started with the dining room on Saturday before heading out to Viva La Vista:

And finished the dining room around 10pm. Wha-la!

I'm still trying to figure out what's going in this room besides a dining table. Initially, I was thinking that I would enjoy getting crafty down here while games are on, so the tall crafting table is in the corner for now. But I'm wondering if I should put it upstairs in the room with all the craft stuff (still have 5 big boxes left to unpack/sort up there). For now the piano stays--the bench has served as extra seating for the dining table in a pinch.

Now that the walls are freshly painted, they look like they could use something on those walls. Hmm, guess I should start unpacking some more boxes--I'm pretty sure we have some framed pictures that could go up there.

Anyhoo, then on Sunday, I powered through and painted the master bedroom:

Sorry for the sloppily made bed but I thought it would be a better picture than this:

Gaaaaah! So many boxes still!

I will say that these two rooms were my most pleasant painting experiences so far. I think the better paint helped (I used Sherwin Williams Duration)--these rooms both only required one coat. I really tried to use the method of generously loading the roller and using gentle pressure like all the videos and paint people advise and I think I might be getting the hang of it. And I made the decision to not tape and instead take the brush and cut out carefully around the ceiling, window frames, and baseboards. Unfortunately I don't have the perfect straight touch yet, but it was a lot less frustrating than pulling up tape and seeing drips of paint that seeped through (and dried) or crisp evidence of my uneven taping job. I probably only used about a foot of painters tape to cover the outlets but by the last walls I even skipped doing that. I did still use the canvas drop cloth because sometimes my generously loaded roller would release a drop without me realizing it.

Well, now all that's left is the kitchen (ugh, so many cabinets and how do I paint behind the stove and fridge? Anyone?) and the living room (the biggest room). Another weekend...


Pound said...

haha is that my freecycle paperzone table??
man your house is so colorful...

Erik said...

Glad to see your painting experience is getting smoother! I'd say you don't paint behind the stove (when will the house ever not have one?), and it's up to you on the fridge. Usually they can be slid out w/ a little help.

IMHO, I'd put the piano on the other wall (where the craft table is) so it doesn't block the traffic flow between the two archways in the room. (For now, perhaps the craft table can go in the corner of the room we don't see in the photos, the "front" left?)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the placement of that piano. If someone is sitting there it could be a bit tight. I am curious with what art work you will hang on those colored walls. Job well done. - Veronica