Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unproductive day

Ugh. Had planned on doing the second coat of paint on the girl's room but didn't get the gumption. Wrestled with the car insurance company for ever. Trying to fax (because they won't let me e-mail it to them in the 1990's parallel universe they're in) something but it won't go through...maddening.

Ended up paying bills in the evening instead of painting. Kind of disappointed in myself that I couldn't rally to finish painting the girl's room.

Reminds me of a bit of a convo I had with a friend over the phone last week:

Me: Man, I'm eating like a pig at a truck stop and just gaining weight.

Friend: Well...isn't there some university facility that you could join?

Darn. This is how my mind reflexively translated it:

Friend: Well, Frances, why don't you...oh, I don't know...exercise?!

Another sign that I need to just Git R Done, whether it's painting, unpacking, or exercising.

Well it wasn't all bad. By chance, I caught a rerun of one of my favorite episodes of Glee tonight--Dream On. A little NPH to lift the spirits. And I love, love, love when Artie does the Safety Dance in the mall and the killer "I Dreamed a Dream" duet. Can hardly wait for the new season to start in two weeks!

Sigh. Tomorrow's a new day, right?


Tomb said...
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Heidi said...

Hey! I think I was the "friend" who talked about the university having a gym. No pressure from me...remember I'm the person who begged and finally got my 24 membership reinstated and have gone to workout......once in 4(?) months! You rock! Don't sweat the small stuff.