Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sweet Saturday

The girl had four friends over yesterday. One of the nice things about kid guests is they don't judge so harshly about the fact that we still have boxes everywhere and still aren't unpacked. Some find it fascinating, So you can't turn on this lamp because the special bulbs are in one of these boxes? Eyes are wide, intrigued. Some things are disappointing, So the drumsticks for RockBand are in one of these boxes? Face goes into a solemn frown. They get even less judgy when pizza and candy-making are involved:

Yes my plan not to have a high caloric/cavity-inducing activity was thwarted by the coverage map of ABC where South Carolina was deemed more interested in watching the Arizona/Iowa game versus the Nebraska/Washington game. Which meant we bought the ESPN GamePlan package to watch the Nebraska game. Holy cow, it is expensive--we could basically watch a PPV championship boxing match every month through January for the price we paid. Do I confess that the cable guy talked me into getting HBO too?! Bottom line, these games are going to be watched. Which meant no Wii until the game was over with the Huskers crushing the Huskies 56-21.

But the kids were totally game for a little sit down time with pizza and melted chocolate and I was impressed by some of the detail these kids gave their sweets, like these swirly, rosy bowls:

And the heart detail on this bonbon:

So cute in a little origami box (argh--sorry so blurry!):

Another sweet ending was Michigan State beating Notre Dame in OT, 34-31, with a crazy fake field goal TD. I'll confess that I actually dozed off (darn Eastern Time) with the game tied 21-21 and only learned about the win this morning. Unfortunately I also learned that Coach Dantonio suffered a heart attack afterwards--thankfully he's expected to make a full recovery.

And to wrap up things up--the home team beat Furman. Go Gamecocks!

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