Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting there, but not quite like the MNF Chiefs

I was determined to get some things done yesterday. Some things took a lot more time than I expected with not the most satisfying results. Like the hour spent with the cable guy only to figure out that to have my phone jacks activated with their digital phone service would entail either a phone cord dragged across the floor and plugged in the opposite wall or installing a jack close to the cable outlet for nearly $200. In the end I went with the phone jacks not being activated, therefore with the one digital/land phone line coming out of the modem. Also a termite/pest control rep came over and talked with me for 2 hours--though I confess we went off topic as he gave me some interesting historical insight to Columbia and South Carolina.

On the more Git R Done side, I drove a carload of stuff to Goodwill. Also, I picked up paint for the next two rooms. I first perused the paints of the Martha Stewart line, but I found them so muted:

So I picked up a wider palette from Behr:

And from there we chose these three colors for the kitchen, living room, and dining room:

Cheery, bright, and delicious. I'm very excited to get these colors up.

I went with some feedback and upgraded and picked up paint at Sherwin Williams. I also got more painting tips. Unfortunately, they were tips I heard and seen before, though it seems I have a hard time implementing them.

A recurring one I hear is that I shouldn't be exerting much effort when rolling out the paint. I remember the Home Depot guy demonstrating by waving an invisible roller like an anemic windshield wiper on an old car, in the infamous "W" rollout. I have a habit--is it frugality?--of rolling hard, as if to squeeze every drop of paint off the roller. Or perhaps it's laziness too--after a few gentle rolls, I'm running out of paint, so I feel the need to squeeze more paint out before reloading. But if I load too much paint on the roller to begin with, it's practically dripping down the walls.

Yeah, the lady at Sherwin Williams smiled sympathetically, you kind of need to hit that happy medium. I could only respond to her pearl of wisdom by wordlessly staring tiredly at her. She did provide one very helpful hint--40% off all their paints for 3 days next week starting on the 24th. If this paint works out well this week, I'll be loading up the paint for the last two rooms.

Hopefully this is all a good sign of getting things done--


Anonymous said...

You should mention the name of the that Carolina Parakeet? I am so happy that you've embraced color on the walls. On a seperate note...we had bagels at the office today we thought of you when someone grabbed the sesame one. - Veronica

Erik said...

I looked at those Martha Stewart colors before reading your caption and thought, "Wow, those are pretty bold.".... LOL.

Only you can manage to talk to the pest control guy for two hrs. ;)

Keep it up!

Kristen said...

can't wait to see how they look on the walls :)

Heidi said...

Great talking to you today. Those color choices remind me of all the colors in the Easter Starburst jellybean bag! Get hoppin'!

Kim said...

I love bright, happy colors. I'm in the process of picking some now, and searching for Carolina Parakeet images lead me to your blog.