Friday, September 17, 2010

Starting to rally

Still coping:

But it wasn't all bad. Went to the Open House for the girl's school:

Go Hornets! Met some of her teachers, who were all nice. One teacher was waiting by the classroom door greeting parents, And which child is yours? As I approached her I said I'm Velina's mother, she laughed, Oh, I knew when I saw you! I want to say I heard a tacit "Darlin'!" at the end.

I guess I can assume she figured I was Velina's mother because the girl is one of maybe 5 kids of Asian descent in the school. Which is almost the opposite of the elementary school she left in Irvine. This school is closer to the makeup of the school I went to as a kid, where I was one of about 4 Asian kids in my school, filtered after the super parents who opted for private school. Except this school is much more into athletics. Already there is a booster club for this middle school's football and volleyball teams!

I also met some parents of Velina's friends and we're having another playdate at our house this weekend. Velina wants to make candy again. I'm thinking I should come up with something less caloric/cavity-inducing...

And hey--I've scheduled another trash hauler to pick up our moving casualties--knock wood that this one shows up! And I've scheduled another inspection quote from another termite control company. Apparently we're in the "Termite Belt", which starts in southern Virginia and spreads west through Texas and parts of Arizona.

Here's to some Git R Done this weekend--

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Pound said...

hmm no wonder you stopped txting me your daily intake.