Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MNF analogies

Currently, I'm functioning like the Jets last night. Occasionally a stunning interception with a sweet run, only to fumble the ball soon after. But for the most part, struggling, not getting much done, only to lose by one point. No, the Jets did not win at all last night--congrats G, BTW >:-P

I need to be more like the Chiefs, who upset the Chargers last night--new house, fresh start, containing potential problems threatening my goal line, and perhaps a homestead version of a stunning upset? Well, I'm not sure what that could be. But weak football analogies aside, I need to get more things done, less fumbling.

The day started with the cable internet out all morning as I had called and complained about our wonky television service during the weekend games. I shrank from the window when I saw people yelling at the cable guy working on the outside lines asking why the cable was out. Thankfully he didn't throw me under the bus and point to our house but just said it'd be up "soon".

I'm still in the midst of changing addresses on accounts (and questioning charges on new ones). Yeesh, it's taking forever. Do you know some vendors won't let you change an address on the phone anymore? They give you some code and you have to do it online. So then I have to open an online account--more passwords, key codes, and security questions. Does anybody else feel pressure when a security question asks you a favorite book or movie? I don't know which movie or book I'd declare a definitive favorite, you know what I mean? I definitely have a top ten, but it also depends on the genre--so a favorite? That's too much pressure.

On the plus side, I believe all the kitchen boxes are unpacked (except the cookbooks) and I unpacked a half dozen boxes in the spare/storage/craft room. Wow, I have a lot of craft stuff. Already, I've got a donation box almost full, which is good considering we lost a desk in the move so there is less space to put stuff.

But I've still got to get the paint for the master bedroom and dining room so those boxes can get unpacked. The kitchen and living room will be last. And horrendous. And I have to get a different guy to haul out the moving casualties from the garage so that can be cleared up. Sigh. Add it to the list.

I briefly talked to a friend at work and mentioned that I don't anticipate being unpacked due to all the painting until the end of September--did that sound unreasonable? I heard "uh, no, sounds reasonable..." and then tacitly, ...for you, Frances. Ugh, more focus, less fumbling.

Anyhoo, the day did have a high note! The girl received a birthday package from Nana, which included some sparkly sneaker and matching bag and headband, as well as glow-in-the-dark nail polish, computer game, CD of viola concertos, and sweets (that she is saving to share with her friends):

And this cool USB-powered lava lamp:

Which changed colors and bewitched the girl:

Okay, today is a new day. Less Jets, More Chiefs.


Anonymous said...

Glittery shoes are always fun! Anything with glitter is always more fun. Sweet Nana.

Erik said...

Good to see Veli-- ehhh i mean "the girl" showing those pearly whites when she smiles!

Don't put too much into the Chiefs solid start, they ALSO are led by a USC alum quarterback... they'll fall back down to Earth before too long.

Falconsdude said...

Hi, My name is jack, I have a blog that i just started and it is about the falcons. It is called Dirtybirdrock.blogspot.com.

Pound said...

blah i hate those security questions too. what if my favorite movie changes in a year when i see a better one?

Kristen said...

It's hard to motive oneself - especially when there's so many other important things to do (like watch shows on HGTV where other people are painting their rooms) so you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I think you are making great progress.