Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't look at me

Don't judge. I'm coping.

With this:

And I've already emptied 9 boxes.

To be fair, I'm merging craft stuff from the computer room and the garage and I lost a desk and another dresser (i.e., places to store things) as moving casualties. As I unpack things, I'm taking another hard look of the supplies/crafts that I'm truly drawn to and what supplies have fallen out of favor with me. I've already got one box full heading for donation, so no need to call me the H-word.

But still, it's not so easy and simple for me. One side of my head waffles on some items--"maybe you'll need India Ink again (okay I can't remember what I used it for to begin with--I should google its uses) or want to make a candle again or need a tiny die-cut of a handprint." Another argument--"maybe the girl will want to use it in a couple of years when she hits a girly bead-necklacy or glitter-glue phase." Another wrestles with some of the craft books--"maybe you'll want to see this page of this amazing handmade potholder again as an inspiration springboard."

Sigh. Maybe I'll just eat another handful of Oreos in the meantime.


Erik said...

The "H" word... heavenly?

Tomb said...
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Heidi said...

MMMMMMMM Oreos!!!!